CREATIVE JAZZ EXERCISES Volume 2 - 2nd Edition


Accompaniment Files in iReal Pro and MIDI formats for all three volumes can be found in my Public Dropbox Folder - Click on the folder icon to the right.

I recommend downloading the iReal HTML Playlist for all of the exercises in this Volume by key. When you open the iReal Playlist link you’ll be prompted to open it in the iReal Pro App; or if you prefer, download the iReal HTML or MIDI folders as a Zip File:

If you upload the MIDI file into digital audio software (DAW) you may need to raise the bass part one octave.

iReal Pro sometimes makes the keyboard/guitar part a little busy. you can lower the volume or mute that instrument in the iReal mixer or DAW.

Volume 2 explores the use of both parallel (same root) and non-parallel (different root from the given chord) scales and chords that can be superimposed over chord progressions.

The exercises can be treated as standalone etudes or as starting points for chromatic improvisation.

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The scale exercises in this book are based on superimposing non-parallel (different root from chord) scales with parallel (same root) scales over various progressions. In this book they are called “color scales”. The gist is to learn to apply scales freely when improvising beyond the typical chord scale approach.

The scales have varying degrees of brightness and darkness. Usually scales that include a b9 or b6 degrees sound darker and those pitches can resolve as approach notes into chord tones. Scales with natural 9, #11, M7 have a brighter quality.

This book also presents superimposed triads, 7th chords and 9th chords in charts and exercises. They can be linked to other chords to create hybrid “hexatonic”, octatonic, decatonic scales or many combinations of superimposed harmony.

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Vol. 2 Concert
Vol. 2 Bb
Vol. 2 Eb

Accompaniment for exercises has been created with the iReal Pro app in both HTML and MIDI formats. You can change the tempo, style, loop, etc in the iReal app or download the MIDI file into software and modify as you wish. Details for accessing the files are below. Contact me if you need help.

Improvisation is about communication with your fellow musicians and the audience. The goal of this book series is to give you the technical skill to be spontaneously creative. The accompaniment files serve as a harmonic metronome and not intended to replace the opportunity to play exercises “live” as a starting point for improvisation.
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